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  • The building is being implemented in monolith reinforced concrete base.
  • The building has 9+ seismic stability
  • Infrastructure required for maintenance and operation
  • Interior finishing with high quality materials
  • Individual heating system / includes heating radiators and heating boiler /
  • Wiring, including high-quality switches and sockets
  • Hot and cold water pipes, mounted vertical water supply and drainage system
  • Laminate flooring and flooring installation
  • Window Sills Installation
  • Sanitary ceramics
  • Interior door installation
  • Access to cable television
  • Domofon

The choice of materials for interior decoration is carried out in accordance with wall and floor coverings, as well as door assemblies in accordance with the options proposed by the SELLER, and the options selected by the Buyer. In the event of a change in the use of materials proposed by the Buyer, the parties must agree to change the price of the main contract.

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