Location, which is considered to be a resort all year round.
Beautiful scenery, cool environment and fresh air in the summer and of course the unique snow in the winter.

You can relax in your own apartment in Tsaghkadzor at any time of year. Also give it a lease and get income.

Today, it is a modern resort city that delights its guests with wonderful climate, clean air and beautiful nature. Together with all these, ski resorts provide the best conditions for your holiday in Tsakhkadzor at different seasons of the year.

Tsakhkadzor is a mountain resort.

One of the sights of this place is the Kecharis Monastery and the Orbeli Brothers Museum. In the city you can find virtually all kinds of leisure places that will make the holiday enjoyable and unforgettable in Tsakhkadzor.

According to the legend, one of the Pahlavuni dynasty’s queens build
a castle and next to it a gorgeous flower gardens where the most beautiful flowers in the world grow.

But one day the wind destroys the gardens   and scatters flowers all around.
The queen asks her father to build a monastery where manahs will pray for the return of all the scattered flowers

The monastery is called Kecharis, and the valley is Tsakhkadzor(flower gorge).